Panzergrenadier regiment 110

The 110Th Panzer grenadier regiment in the 11th Panzer division

Panzergrenadiere are infantry units that work closely together with armoured units
These soldiers were carried into battle under the cover of the iconic Schützenpanzerwagen, also known as the  sdkfz. 251, by lorries and other armoured personnel carriers.
Thanks to a successful combination of manoeuvrability, firepower, tactical insight and adaptive skills, panzergrenadiere formed a formidable adversary and were imperative  for maintaining and securing the momentum on the battlefield and often succeeded in turning the tide throughout the war.

Their efforts and successes throughout the war became so widespread that the public bestowed them the title of protectors of the nation

The term Panzergrenadier was implemented hence 1942, before that they were referred to as Schützenregimenter. Another significant difference was the piping colour on their shoulder boards. before changing to meadow green the Schützenregiment wore the same pink shoulder boards as the panzer crews.
This however did not prevent the old guard from continuing to wear their beloved pink shoulder boards as a form of tradition and a sense of pride.