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Name : Jürgen Becker Rang : Pioneer Date of Birth : 02/04/1925 City : Saale Weapon : Kar98 Song : Panzerlied

Since when did you start with reenacting and what was the motivation behind it?

I already wanted to reenact for a while, but i wasn’t really sure if I wanted to do American, Britsish or German. When I went to a liberation event in Houffalize on Januari 2020. There were a lot of Americans and a little bit of Germans. Those Germans looked really fun so I decided to talk to them and that’s how I started reenacting.

How do you try to give a personal touch to re-enactment and your impression?

My grandad was 7 in 1940 and he got me interested in the second World War. I am interested in the second World war till this day. My grandad was a tailor and that is why the job of my German alias is tailor. This is also written into my soldbuch. I also try to collect post cards and other things from Halle( Saale) because that is were my German alias comes from and in my wallet I put little photos and memories of my family in Halle(Saale).

What is your ambition with this group?

My ambition with this group is that I want to recreate the history of the second World War as accurate as possible. This group has really a lot of potential to do this. We don’t only focus on our uniforms, but also the little things like rations. The fact that we have vehicles available is also an excellent point. This really ramps up the quality of our impressions.

Tell us something more about your impression as a pioneer?

In this group, there are different branches. My main impression is that of a late war Pioneer. These were the troops that would blow up enemy fortifications, lay mains and set booby traps. In the Pioneers, each person has a different role. I am the wire cutter and another person has the full assault pack. That everyone has a different role really adds an extra feeling of importance to our impression.

Where do you want to improve with your impression?

I have a, extensive basic kit and some extra pioneer tools. Now I want to focus more and improve on the little things. Things like pocket litter, rations and personal items. These things add a personal touch to your impression and that is why I find them important.

You have other projects in the future?

My next project is focusing more on rations. I would like to start making reproduction ration tins and carton boxes. These items are underrepresented on events and I want to highlight the more. Another project coming up is transforming a Swiss Ordonanzrad ’05 made in 1943 to a German Truppenfahrad.

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